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Cherries, Red 1.77 lb 1.77 lb
**** Beef, Ground 80% Lean Value Pack 2.47 lb 2.47 lb
**** Beef, Steak New York or T-Bone Boneless 5.77 lb 5.77 lb
Chicken, Breasts Boneless Skinless (sold from butcher block)
Friday only!
1.67 lb 1.67 lb
**** Pork, Ribs Country Style Bone-In 1.67 lb 1.67 lb
**** Lucerne Butter Quarters 16 oz
Limit 4
1.97 With in-ad store coupon 1.97
**** Lucerne Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream 16 oz
Limit 5
Friday only!
1.00 1.00
Lucerne Large Eggs Grade AA 18 ct
Limit 2
1.47 With in-ad store coupon 1.47
**** Lucerne Milk or Chocolate Milk Gallon
Limit 2
1.99 1.99
**** Lucerne Shredded or Chunk Cheese 32 oz
Limit 4
4.77 With in-ad store coupon 4.77
**** Coke, Pepsi or 7UP 2 liter products
Must buy 3 to receive discount
0.88 0.88
**** Barilla Pasta 12 to 16 oz or Ragu Pasta Sauce 23.9 to 24 oz
Limit 4
0.97 With in-ad store coupon 0.97
**** Lays XL, Cheetos, Fritos or Kettle Cooked 5 to 9.25 oz
Must buy 3 to receive discount
1.87 1.87
**** Nabisco Oreo, Ritz Crackers or Chips 8.8 to 15.25 oz
Must buy 3 to receive discount
1.87 1.87
**** Pringles 4.8 to 5.5 oz
Limit 4
0.99 With in-ad store coupon 0.99
**** Red Baron Classic or Singles Pizza 8.8 to 23.45 oz
Friday only!
2.50 2.50
Signature Select Ice Cream 48 oz 0.99 With Just for U digital coupon (Limit 2) 0.99
*** The following group of items has a COMBINED LIMIT OF 4 TOTAL, MIX OR MATCH With in-ad store coupon
**** Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 6 to 10 ct 1.99
**** General Mills Cereal 8.9 to 12 oz 1.99
**** Nature Valley Granola Bars 6 to 10 ct 1.99


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