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2014-02-23****Mucinex Expectorant and Cough Suppressant 14-20ct
Limit 2
9.99With in-ad store coupon.Also use manufacturers coupons: Mucinex, any product $2/1 (03-31-14) SS-2/237.99$0.5707/each for 14.000.3995/each for 20.00Fred Meyer Oregon
2013-10-23***Mucinex Expectorant, 20 ct or Fast Max Multi Symptom Relief, 6 oz10.9910.99$0.5495/each for 20.00Albertsons California Southern
2014-02-05***Mucinex, 10 ct10.99Mucinex 12 hour bi-layer tablet product, any $2/1 (03-31-14) MinuteRiceRP-1/268.99$0.8990/each for 10.00Smiths Utah
2014-01-15***Mucinex Fast Max, 6 oz or 20 ct or Maximum Strength DM, 14 ct12.99/8.578.57$1.4283/ounce for 6.00Albertsons California Southern
2013-10-23***Mucinex 6 oz. liquid9.999.99$1.6650/ounce for 6.00Albertsons Washington
2013-10-23***Mucinex 6 oz. liquid9.999.99$1.6650/ounce for 6.00Albertsons Oregon
2014-01-15***Mucinex Mucus Relief, 6 oz10.9910.99$1.8317/ounce for 6.00Ralphs California Southern