How to (A little planning saves a LOT of money...And the research has already been done on our lists.)

Planning: This list is meant to be printed.  The "Item" column already includes the correct sizes varieties and quantities as listed in the store's ad AS WELL AS the exact coupon you should use.  First print the list (After shrinking) then use a pen to make notes, then find and print only the coupons for items you are planning to buy today.   The "Start" button enables you to highlight or unhighlight items on the list.  (Click the single red star to quickly highlight just the good stuff).  Play with the "Shrink" and "Unshrink" button while making your selections, you'll figure it out...
Print it when you're ready:


To use coupons: For many items on your printout list, a link to the applicable coupon is listed.  It takes you to the group where you'll find that coupon.  We recommend printing and planning your list first, before printing the actual coupons you want.  That way you'll print all the coupons you need from each group before moving on to the next group.  We try to include as much info about each coupon as possible:


To find coupons for items NOT appearing on our lists, you can search our comprehensive "Printable coupon index" at this page.

*Shopping Envelope:    (A clear gallon size ziploc bag works well.)
When you head to the store use this envelope to hold your printout list as well as all the coupons you are using that day -Leave the rest at home.