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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- "Is Grocery Smarts owned by the store?"
A- No. Grocery Smarts is wholly independent. The grocer does not oversee the contents of the spreadsheets in any way.

Q- "Why do people use this?"
A- We have found that people use this because it is such an easy way to shop. Grocery savings appeals to most people who have been exposed to it the right way (through a Class). This is about making your life easy. This is not about running from store to store for "deals". Don't get hung up on coupons, simply write your shopping list on the spreadsheet, and use coupons where it makes sense. Anyone who says that using Grocery Smarts is to complicated or time consuming, we know they simply don't understand something. That's why we teach free classes! Our instructors are certified to effectively teach the critical elements and know how to address all the common misconceptions people have. Set up a class for your friends today!

Q- "When do I print the list?"
"How long is the list valid?"

A- The onlne list is always current! Store promotions change often, so check the list just before you plan to shop.

Q- "I couldn't find the Item mentioned on the spreadsheet"
"Are the spreadsheets ever wrong"
"I couldn't understand something on the spreadsheet"
"I couldnt quite understand how many I needed to buy to get the discount"
"What can be mixed and matched".

A-  Although we make every attempt to be clear and accurate, sometimes we fall short. We cannot stress this enough- ALWAYS USE YOUR STORES' WEEKLY PRINT AD AS THE OFFICIAL AUTHORITY for pricing and clarity issues. Most questions along these lines are answered by finding the item in question inside the weekly print ad (A picture is worth a thousand words). If the ad says mix and match, and has any form of math printed in the ad next to the picture, it usually means that you DO have to purchase the amount stated to get the discount, so DO read the ad closely to be safe. You will also discover that the stores management is eager to help you find or figure anything, just point the item out to them in thier weekly print ad (Not the spreadsheet with your shgopping list written on it) and they'll take it from there. Ads can be different according to individual zip codes. Our spreadsheets attempt to be accurate for an entire region.

Q- "Coupon index" column: "What does SS1 or SS2 mean?"
"What do these codes mean?"

A- If the code is SS1, SS2: That means you should have received two DIFFERENT Smart Source packets inside your Sunday newspaper on that particular week. SS1 or SS2 is your cue that you may have to look inside the other packet to find the coupon. Occasionally this happens with Redplum (RP1 or RP2) as well.
Other Codes:
B1 G1=Buy 1 get one free.
Varies=pricing is different depending on what item you buy, or what coupon you use.

Q- "How come the spreadsheets don't include a "Regular price" column?"
A- For quick teaching purposes, this column is ARTIFICIALLY ADDED to the lists our instructors use to teach quick courses. This helps new people quickly understand the spreadsheet the first time they see it. A "Regular price" column is not part of the actual spreadsheets because "Regular price" in the same store chain can vary from store to store.

Q- "How do I set up a Class for my friends?"
A- Book it first! Don't over-complicate it. The ones who can make it, will come, the ones that can't...can't. Trying to find a "Perfect date" for everyone is just to much work. You can personally teach the ones who miss it, another time. The class is free, and taught at your location. Takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Call the phone number on top of any list to set it up.

Q- "Are there any openings for instructors in my area?"
A- Probably! Click the contact us link, and tell us of your interest in this. Be sure to leave your phone number.

Q- "I have a special question, not answered here what should I do?"
A- Call the phone # on the top of any list and ask! We are happy to answer any question we can, or if we don't know the answer, you'll be passed along to someone who does.
Or, get an answer by email by clicking here: contact us.